The Woods at King’s Creek

Due Date: April 19, 2019
Phone: (757) 645-4870
Fax: (757) 645-4860
Engineer: AES
Owner: The Crescent Group


Site and utility construction for The Woods at King’s Creek subdivision.  Please send any questions to Caitlin King at 

Project Files



W1048301-C1.0 Cover-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C1.1 YC Ordinance-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C2.0 envir-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C3.0 ph.1 e&s-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C4.0 entrance-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C4.1 water_fm connection-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C5.0 plat-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C5.1 plat-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C5.2 plat-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C5.3 plat-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C6.0 overall-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C6.1 site_util-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C6.2 site_util-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C6.3 site_util-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C7.0 overall-drainage-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C7.1 grade-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C7.2 grade-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C7.3 grade-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C7.4 drain-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C7.5 drain-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C7.6 drain-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C7.7 drain-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C8.0 clubhouse-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C9.0 profile-tranquility-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C9.1 profile-rock run-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C9.2 profiles-stoney inlet_coach pt.-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C9.3 profile-apprentice-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C9.4 profile-apprentice-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C9.5 profile-timber passage-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C10.0 e&s details-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C10.1 notes & details-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C10.2 sanitary details-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C10.3 storm details-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C10.4 BMP notes & details (1)-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-C10.5 BMP notes & details (2)-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-L1.0 Landscape-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-L1.1 Landscape-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-L1.2 Landscape-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-L1.3 Club Landscape-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-L2.0 Lighting-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-L2.1 Lighting-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-L2.2 Lighting-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-L2.3 Club Lighting-Layout1 Woods

W1048301-L3.0 LandLight N&D-Layout1 Woods