Highway and Government Construction

Highway & Government

Government entities, VDOT and municipalities have their expectations exceeded when they recruit J.S.G. Our planning process and careful execution of work plans, submittals and specification compliance allow our firm to outperform competitors. From new lane capacity projects in high-travel areas to traffic circles and secondary roadwork that requires environmentally sensitive care, our track record proves we are your ideal civil construction partners.

We have the right talent and integrated resources for everything up to the final layer of asphalt.

Our staff works diligently to reopen roadways as quickly as possible and complete the task on time, often ahead of schedule. Trust your roadway widening or repair to the foremost experts who contain costs and complete high-quality work that keeps our traveling public moving with the least disruption.

The J.S.G. team operates with tact and consideration in any work environment. We have personnel cleared and available to accommodate secure projects at Camp Peary, Fort Eustis and the Naval Weapons Station Yorktown. Chances are, no matter where you’ve been around Williamsburg and the Peninsula, you’ve appreciated our precision, safety and speed completing projects that keep our community connected.