Solid Waste

Solid Waste Management

Trust the expertise of our Certified Landfill Operators to manage, construct or close your industrial solid waste facility. From as small as one acre to one hundred acres, J.S.G. has worked extensively and continuously in this arena for nearly three decades.

You’re under increasing pressure to implement practices that protect the environment yet function economically. Our multi-disciplined approach services the full life-cycle for even the most complex waste challenges, within permit and DEQ requirements, making your waste management a stress-free function.

Hampton Roads has unique soil conditions and geotechnical characteristics which present challenges for waste impoundments. We service both public and private waste facilities including pulp and paper, agriculture, manufacturing, municipalities and more. Our 28-year track record of thoughtfully managing the solid waste facility for WestRock Paper Mill across four owner changes, two different permits and countless permit modifications is just one example of success. Our operators provide you the meticulous supervision tasks like this require, maintaining error-free workmanship and always “Protecting the Permit!”